Dead Sea Valley tectonics

dead sea area tectonicsDead Sea Valley tectonics – can they show if any geological events have happened in the past in the Dead Sea area?

Depending on if you believe in geology theory and dating theory could they have happened recently?

Dead Sea Valley are tectonics

The Dead Sea Transform is free of recent thermal and mechanical complications. It is located at the boundary between the stable Arabian shield and its Triassic-Jurassic Tethys passive continental margin (the present eastern Mediterranean).

Within the valley there are numerous subsurface pull-apart basins of different sizes. Pull-apart basins are generated by fault-parallel extension in areas of geometrical irregularities within strike-slip faults. As such, these basins represent mechanical extension of the crust with little contribution from external or internal heating.

Tectonics and Geology of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Rift Valley geology

If chemicals, minerals, geological features are shown or known to be formed or due to high energy or heat processes then could this show that an event or events have happened in the Vale of Siddim?

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