dead sea valley magnetic survey map

Sodom and Gomorrah not destroyed by earthquake?

sodom gomorrah magnetic survey mapWere Sodom and Gomorrah not destroyed by an earthquake? If it was not an Earthquake then what natural events did destroy them?

Sodom and Gomorrah earthquakes?

Below is a quote about a magnetic survey of the Dead Sea Valley region. If the exact locations of Sodom and Gomorrah could be located then this magnetic map would help see if they were on any geological features.

dead sea valley magnetic survey map

Despite infrequent seismic activity and only intermittent surface exposure, the fault is delineated clearly on a map of the first vertical derivative of the magnetic intensity field, indicating that the source of the magnetic anomaly is shallow (the first vertical derivative map emphasizes magnetic anomalies of shallow origin.

The general lack of surface expression of the fault in many areas along the valley may reflect the absence of surface rupture during earthquakes.

The magnetic data also indicates that unlike the San Andreas Fault, the location of this part of the plate boundary was stable throughout its history. Magnetic anomalies also support a total left-lateral offset of 105-110 km along the plate boundary. Finally, despite previous suggestions of transtensional motion along the Dead Sea Transform, we did not identify any igneous intrusions related to the activity of this fault segment.
The Dead Sea Transform Fault: Its expression in the magnetic field

Dead Sea Valley area gravity results

Does this also mean that geologists believe nothing massive in an earthquake manor has effected the Dead Sea Rift Valley where Sodom and Gomorrah were supposed to be located, near that Vale of Siddim which was occupied by the Dead Sea?

Our interpretation of fault locations based on the gravity and on seismic reflection data indicates that the motion along the 420-km long Dead Sea tectonic plate boundary is accommodated by at least 15 separate fault segments with segment lengths varying between 25 and 55 km. More fault segments are shown buried on seismic reflection profiles and do not offset or perturb the upper sedimentary section, indicating that they are no longer active. Strike-slip faults tend to smooth themselves as they mature.
The basins of the Dead Sea region

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