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Vale of Siddim

The Vale of Siddim (Valley of Siddim) was found where the Salt Sea, that we now know as the Dead Sea in Jordan, was located. But the Dead Sea was not mentioned when the battles occurredvale of siddem topography dead sea jordan geology in Genesis chapter 14. The references to the Salt Sea were not in the original stories as such.

In Genesis the peoples have wandered around the area a lot but there is no mention of the Dead Sea. In Genesis chapter 14 it is mentioned for the first time but only that the Vale of Siddim was in the area where the Dead Sea was located.

What could have happened for the Vale of Siddim to disappear and the Dead Sea to appear?

Vale of Siddim – which is now covered by the southern part of the Dead Sea


Vale of Siddim – Contemporary English Version – Genesis chapter 14

Vale of Siddim – Amplified Bible – Genesis chapter 14

Vale of Siddim – Young’s Literal Translation – Genesis chapter 14

Vale of Siddim – Genesis chapter 14 – Bible translation websites

Vale of Siddim – sitemap

The Dead Sea has all the classic signs of an Electric Universe formation. The Dead Sea is located in a massive rille called the Jordan Valley. A very strange geological feature with the deepest point on the Earths surface being the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea itself has 2 sections, one very deep but the other a very shallow flat EDM crater.

Is the Dead Sea normal geology or gEUlogy (Electric Universe geology)?

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